DJ Pick of the Week: Queens Of The Stone Age, 'The Way You Used To Do'


"This is unlike any Queens of the Stone Age song that has come before," Brian says, "but it's an AMAZING one." (Luke Taylor | MPR)

Surprising no one, listeners or colleagues, for my DJ Pick of the Week, I am going with the brand-new single from Queens of the Stone Age, "The Way You Used To Do." This is unlike any other Queens of the Stone Age song that has come before, but it's an amazing one.

Now, their last effort, Like Clockwork, came out in 2013 — sort of a dark and brooding record, a little under the radar. Still very much a Queens of the Stone Age record, but a little darker, a little inscrutable. It wasn't an easy listen, let's say. It's kind of their version of The Wall.

But this new record, Villians, which is out Aug. 25, they decided to go with a new producer, Mark Ronson. Now, Mark Ronson's known for doing dancier stuff, poppier stuff, like Adele, Amy Winehouse and lots of other English artists, not a hard-rock band like Queens of the Stone Age. Now it's not surprising that Queens would sort of zag when everyone expected them to zig, because they've never made the same record twice, but there's always been groove, there's always been rhythm, and there's always been riffs. Now, they're just happens to be a great dance beat on top of all of it. I am very excited about this new release, Villians, which will be out on Aug. 25, and that's why I'm making this: Queens of the Stone Age's "The Way You Used To Do," my DJ Pick of the Week on The Current.


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