Country rocker Jade Jackson performs in The Current's studio

Jade Jackson promotional photo
Jade Jackson promotional photo (Xina Hamari Ness)
Jade Jackson - Finish Line (Live on The Current)
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  • Jade Jackson - Finish Line (Live on The Current) 03:55
  • Jade Jackson - Bridges (Live on The Current) 03:50
  • Jade Jackson - Good Time Gone (Live on The Current) 03:49
  • Jade Jackson performs on The Current (music + interview) 22:12

"My skin's a lot thicker than you'd think it'd be," Jade Jackson sings in "Finish Line," the fourth song on her 2017 album Gilded. Once you get to know her career, the lyric rings especially true; although the 25-year-old country-rocker has faced significant roadblocks, including anxiety, her tenacity keeps her creating and sharing music. You can hear that grit in her single "Good Time Gone," which she performed in The Current's studio before opening for Social Distortion at the Palace Theatre.

Casual fans may be surprised to see Jackson opening for a punk-rock band at the Palace tonight, but Social Distortion are a big part of her story. She saw them live at 13: her first-ever show without her parents. Years later, frontman Mike Ness met Jackson via his wife, and he and Jackson worked together on Gilded. "He made me listen to Lucinda Williams's 'Car Wheels On A Gravel Road' and told me to listen only to that album for the next three or so months," Jackson says in her bio. "That was the template of the album he wanted to create with me, so I picked from songs of mine that had a similar feel."

In her interview with Mark Wheat, she talked about touring with Social Distortion, waitressing at her parents' restaurant, and helping make the music video for "Finish Line." Before and after interview snippets, she and her band -- Jake Vukovich on bass, Tyler Miller on drums, and Andrew Redel on guitar -- performed three great songs from Gilded.

To hear the whole session, use the audio player above.

Songs performed

"Finish Line"
"Good Time Gone"

"Finish Line," "Bridges," and "Good Time Gone" off Jade Jackson's 2017 album, Gilded, available via Anti-.

Hosted by Mark Wheat
Produced by Derrick Stevens
Engineered by Michael DeMark and Matt Lentz
Web feature by Cecilia Johnson


Jade Jackson - official site

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