Music News: 'Empire' season four will pay homage to Prince


The cast of 'Empire' in a promotional image for season four
The cast of 'Empire' in a promotional image for season four (Fox)

The producers of Empire have revealed that the fourth season of Fox's hit hip-hop drama will pay homage to Prince. While the show typically only features original music, the fourth episode of the forthcoming season will include songs by Prince. The idea for a Prince episode came from Sanaa Hamri, one of the show's executive producers who also worked on Prince videos during the late icon's lifetime. Season four of Empire debuts Sept. 27. (E! Online)

Billboard has additional details:

The tribute is timed to the birthday party for Hakeem's young daughter, Bella, that features everything from a Prince cake to a special performance of the Prince song "Let's Go Crazy" by Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) and Jamal (Jussie Smollett).

"It's completely Prince-themed," exec producer and the episode's director Sanaa Hamri told reporters. [...] "In a celebratory fashion, everybody, all of the cast, is going to be dressed in a Prince theme. Even my crew is going to, to kind of honor him."

Prince's heirs seem happy about the tribute: his sister Tyka Nelson recently posted Instagram photos with stars of the show. Hamri also says that Prince himself was a fan of the show, watching it "religiously" and even talking about possibly making a cameo. "I think this is very much something he would have wanted," said Hamri.

CMT plans Glen Campbell tribute

On Thursday night at 7:30 CT, CMT will air a half-hour special called CMT Remembers Glen Campbell. In addition to appearances by country stars including Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, and Reba McEntire, the special will feature highlights from Campbell's 1969-72 TV show as well as the late star's final CMT interview in 2011. (Billboard)

Kesha's ties to Dr. Luke remain complex

Although she's now releasing a new album without the direct involvement of Dr. Luke, Kesha hasn't completely extricated herself from a legal relationship with her former producer, with whom she's currently wrapped in a legal battle stemming from her charges of sexual assault and other offenses. As the New York Times notes, Luke still owns a share of Kesha's publishing and may profit from the success of her new album. Luke also had to give approval for the project, and she still owes two more albums under her contract with him.

Host testifies in Swift trial

Radio host David Mueller has testified before a jury adjudicating competing claims over an incident in 2013, when Taylor Swift claims that Mueller groped her during a backstage visit. Mueller repeatedly denied groping the star, and says that though it's possible his hand came into contact with her backside, that wasn't what he intended. The resulting photo was shown to jurors. Swift was in attendance, and is expected to eventually testify in the trial. (New York Times)

Metallica fan arrested for peeing on family during concert

Daniel Francis Daddio has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after allegedly peeing on a family during an Aug. 4 Metallica concert in Glendale, Arizona. Two parents informed authorities that they were sitting at the show with their 10-year-old daughter when they "felt warm liquid washing over their backs and legs." Daddio was "heavily intoxicated" at the time of his arrest, and a judge later may have uttered the understatement of the year when he called Daddio's alleged conduct "really inappropriate." (Buzzfeed)

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