Music News: Watch Ozzy Osbourne sing 'Bark at the Moon' during eclipse


Ozzy Osbourne performs in Los Angeles during Ozzfest 2016.
Ozzy Osbourne performs in Los Angeles during Ozzfest 2016. (Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ABA)

Bonnie Tyler got the CNN interview and the global headlines, but Ozzy Osbourne was also onstage during Monday's solar eclipse. Taking the stage at Moonstock, an eclipse festival in southern Illinois, Osbourne timed his performance of his 1983 solo hit "Bark at the Moon" to begin just as the moon was about to pass in front of the sun. What was it about 1983 and eclipse songs? (Rolling Stone)

Music world responds to neo-Nazism

Aaron Wayne Davis, an attorney based in Minneapolis, has been dismissed from his law firm in the wake of a City Pages story publicizing the fact that Davis runs a neo-Nazi record label. "Prior to the story," said his firm in a statement, "no one in the firm had any inclination regarding the allegations in the article."

Meanwhile, Billy Joel donned a Star of David for the encore of his Monday night show at Madison Square Garden. Billboard calls Joel's choice a "powerful, political gesture" and notes that "Joel wearing the symbol comes less than a week after the deadly White Nationalist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, which left three dead, and Donald Trump’s controversial remarks following."

A Prince hologram?

Will Prince return to the stage in hologram form? His sister and heir Tyka Nelson isn't ruling it out, she tells iNews. "A hologram could be done as long as it is of excellent quality," says Nelson. "It would have to allow the fans to experience Prince in the way he allowed us to experience his music."

Most social media posts about the interview suggest the Prince Army is giving the idea a thumbs-down.

Elvis Costello to shoulder an overlooked burden

Unless you've played the kind of shows Prince or other headlining rock stars perform, you may not appreciate just what a toll it can take on your upper body. Elvis Costello knows, and he's signed on to play a solo benefit gig for the Musician Treatment Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit that funds "orthopedic specialty care for musicians, while also educating them on how to prevent musician-specific injuries," reports Billboard.

Costello's show, "Hits & Headlines / Waifs & Strays," will take place at the Paramount Theatre in Austin on Oct. 22.

Billy Corgan shares new ballad

Billy Corgan has released a new song, "Aeronaut." The piano ballad appears on his forthcoming solo album Ogilala, which comes out Oct. 13. The new LP will be accompanied by a short North American tour that won't hit Minnesota — but if you're up for a road trip, you can see the solo Smashing Pumpkin (singular) in his native Illinois on Oct. 24 and 25. (Rolling Stone)

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