Music News: Prince movie 'Sign o' the Times' coming to Showtime


Prince in the film 'Sign o' the Times.'
Prince in the film 'Sign o' the Times.' (Cineplex-Odeon Films)

Prince’s 1987 concert film Sign o' the Times hasn't been shown on TV in over ten years, but that's about to change. The movie, which was largely shot on the Paisley Park soundstage, will air on Showtime on Sunday, Sept. 16. (Deadline)

Taylor Swift announces album

After a few days of snake-video teasers, Taylor Swift has officially announced her sixth studio album. Reputation will be out Nov. 10, with a first single expected Thursday night. (Pitchfork)

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Steve Harris wants to make his home a hotel

A nine-acre Essex, England mansion owned by Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris is up for sale: at the bargain price of £3.95 million ($5.06 million), having dropped from an earlier price of £6.75 million ($8.64 million). Harris says that in his ideal world, the house would become a hotel for Iron Maiden fans.

"We recorded some albums there, too, in the studio — [1992's] Fear Of The Dark we recorded there and a few others — and there's lots of memorabilia there and everything like that. So...I don't know. That would be a nice plan. A boutique hotel... It means I could still stay there as well, which would be great." (NME)

Dave Grohl's kids are in new Foo video

A new video for the Foo Fighters song "The Sky Is a Neighborhood" stars frontman Dave Grohl’s two oldest daughters. In the Grohl-directed clip, notes Rolling Stone, the young girls start out "in a cozy cabin reading the song's lyrics in an old book while the group begins to play the stomping rocker on the roof. As 'The Sky Is a Neighborhood' builds, the girls become aware of the ruckus, jumping for joy at first but eventually growing annoyed as they try to get some sleep."

The song will appear on the band's forthcoming album Concrete and Gold, out Sept. 15.

QOTSA discography has opinions

In a new promo clip for their upcoming album Villains, the new album is the subject of a focus group comprising...the band's previous albums. Josh Homme voices the "highly opinionated album sleeves," notes Rolling Stone, which hears a "Minnesota accent" in Homme's voice for 2000's Rated R.

Oppa "Gallagher Style"

Heeeeeeyyyyyy, sexy's Liam Gallagher, doing his best Gangnam Style in front of the amazing sculpture Seoul erected in tribute to Psy’s viral 2012 hit. The ex-Oasis star is currently on tour in South Korea. (NME)

Oppa Gallagher Style. LG x

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