Music News: U2 announce album, share new music


U2 (Courtesy of the artist)

U2 have announced their 14th studio album. Songs of Experience, the follow-up to 2014's Songs of Innocence, doesn't have a release date yet — but a performance video for a song called "The Blackout" is out now, and "The Best Thing About Me," the album's first official single, comes out Sept. 6. Chances are good they'll play it two days later at U.S. Bank Stadium. (Pitchfork)

Kanye countersued over cancelled tour

Kanye West has been countersued by Lloyd's of London, one of the insurers the hip-hop star sued for a total of over $9.8 million he claims he's owed for a tour he cut short last year. At issue is whether the circumstances of the tour cancellation were or were not within West's control.

West says the circumstances were out of his control — after all, he was temporarily hospitalized "for his own health and safety" in the wake of the tour cancellation — but his insurers think otherwise. Lloyd's isn't getting into details in their public filing, but as Pitchfork notes, "the countersuit cites exemptions to the insurance policy involving drug and alcohol use as well as pre-existing medical conditions."

New Mick Ronson documentary features Bowie contributions

There's a new teaser trailer for a documentary about Mick Ronson, which opens at some theaters across the country on Friday. (Unfortunately, no Minnesota screenings are currently planned.) The documentary is called Beside Bowie, since Ronson is best known as the guitarist in the Spiders from Mars. Ziggy Stardust himself — David Bowie — recorded audio commentary for the film prior to his death. (Rolling Stone)

Beloved Twin Cities drum shop reopens

Drummer, drum maker, and drum dealer Tim Ellis has reopened his drum shop near I-494 in South St. Paul, a year after closing the previous location, in Minneapolis, after a decline in retail traffic. The reopening is being celebrated by the local music community: as City Pages notes, Ellis has a quarter-century in the business and boasts as clients "an impressive roster of professional rock and jazz drummers, including Dave King, Ben Ivascu, Drew Christopherson, J.T. Bates, Jay Epstein, and Phil Hay. Ellis drums serve as the house kits at First Avenue, the Turf Club, and Amsterdam Bar."

St. Vincent covers the Beatles

Last month, it emerged that Annie Clark — a.k.a. St. Vincent — would be one of the faces of a fall advertising campaign by Tiffany and Co. In a new ad that's part of the campaign, St. Vincent is heard covering the Beatles’ "All You Need Is Love." (Pitchfork)

Win Butler talks songcraft for Clickhole

In a new video, Arcade Fire𔄂s Win Butler explains the fundamentals of songcraft. "A really great song has three parts: a beak, an anus, and a hat." An important detail: the video was produced by the satirical site Clickhole. (Pitchfork)

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