Music News: 'Simpsons' composer Alf Clausen fired


Mr. Burns sings 'See My Vest.'
Mr. Burns sings 'See My Vest,' a song with music by Alf Clausen, in a 1995 episode of 'The Simpsons.' (Fox)

Composer Alf Clausen has been let go after 27 years working on The Simpsons. Clausen won two Emmys for his work on the show, and was part of the team behind songs like "See My Vest" and "Who Needs the Quik-E-Mart?" Although Clausen didn't compose the series theme — that was Danny Elfman — he created new arrangements and original scores for every episode. Industry insiders speculate that Clausen's firing was a cost-cutting measure; a different composer might not only work for less, but might also forgo Clausen's 35-piece orchestra. (Rolling Stone)

What was Prince's favorite color?

It wasn't a matter of any debate until Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson declared in an interview published Aug. 21 that her brother's favorite color was actually orange. That astonished fans who had long observed the star's embrace of the color associated with his most iconic song, and now another of his sisters, Sharon Nelson, says that "contrary to what has been said, purple was and is Prince's color." That...settles it? (Billboard)

Flav's lawsuit won't be the end of Public Enemy

Chuck D says that Public Enemy aren't breaking up, despite the fact that Flavor Flav has sued his bandmates for using his voice and image without permission, and for withholding royalties. "Flav has his rights, but took a wrong road on this," says the group's frontman, saying he expects the dispute will be resolved and the members will again share a stage. "It's always this way with him," says Chuck D about the man who's been his bandmate for 31 years. (Pitchfork)

Remembering Larry Elgart

Bandleader Larry Elgart has died at age 95. Elgart was known for bringing swing into the rock era, recording the American Bandstand theme song and landing a Top 40 hit with 1982's "Hooked on Swing." (New York Times)

Iceland's Minister of Health rocks

Iceland Airwaves has announced dozens more artists being added to the festival's lineup, joining performers including Mumford & Sons, Fleet Foxes, Billy Bragg, and Michael Kiwanuka. One notable new addition: HAM, an anarcho-punk band fronted by Óttarr Proppé, who also happens to be Iceland's Minister of Health. This year's festival runs Nov. 1-5, and The Current is working on a plan to be there providing coverage this year.

Leonard Cohen tribute slated for release

A Leonard Cohen tribute concert that took place this January at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg will be released digitally on Sept. 21, with a limited-edition vinyl release to follow in November. Among the performers: Josh Ritter, Richard Thompson, and Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth). A first track, Delicate Steve’s rendition of "Hallelujah," is out now as a teaser. (Rolling Stone)

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