DJ Pick of the Week: Brian Just, 'Staring Into The Sun'


Brian Just
Brian Just (Courtesy of the artist)

There is truly nothing better than to hear a song on the radio as a civilian. When I'm not at work, I have no idea who the artist is and like every other listener I have to wait for the DJ to backsell the music set to find out who made that ass-kicking catchy tune I was grooving to for three and half minutes. That refreshing slice of pop rock magic belonged to Brian Just. His new single is "Staring Into The Sun". To leap out of the Current's playlist confounding me to ask, "Is this new? A Kinks outtake? Who is this?" I love it. That doesn't happen as often as I would like, so when it does, I pay attention and want to hear the rest of the tunes on their new record like yesterday.

Brian Just - Official Site

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  • Brian Just
    Brian Just - Changing Traffic Lights (artist)

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