Music News: Donald Fagen sues late bandmate's estate for control of Steely Dan


Walter Becker (l) and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan in 2001.
Walter Becker (l) and Donald Fagen of Steely Dan pose with their Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album, 'Two Against Nature,' in 2001. (Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images)

Two months after Walter Becker’s death, his bandmate Donald Fagen has sued his estate for control of their band Steely Dan. Fagen is citing a 1972 agreement, signed before Steely Dan released their debut album, stating that if either member ever died or left the band, his shares in the group would be sold to the remaining member. Becker's heirs say that agreement was no longer in effect, and that "Mr. Fagen is unfairly trying to deprive Walter's family of the fruits of their joint labors." (New York Times, Rolling Stone)

SNL announces next round of performers

U2, SZA, and Foo Fighters will all be musical guests on the current season of Saturday Night Live, the show has announced. U2 will appear with host Saoirse Ronan on Dec. 2, SZA will share an episode with host James Franco on Dec. 9, and the Foos will join host Kevin Hart on Dec. 16. (Pitchfork)

Did Jann Wenner make Rolling Stone adore the new U2 album?

Speaking of U2, how's their new album? Songs of Experience doesn't come out until Friday, so most people can't say...but according to Rolling Stone, it's the third-best album of the year, bettered only by Lorde (Melodrama) and Kendrick Lamar (Damn.). It's safe to say that probably won't be the consensus view, and Consequence of Sound speculates it's the personal doing of founder Jann Wenner.

As the blog notes, a new biography of Wenner (which, yes, we'll cover soon for The Current's Rock and Roll Book Club) contains the revelation that in 2014, it was Wenner alone who dictated that U2's previous album Songs of Innocence would be declared the year's best. "My dictate," Wenner reportedly told an editor. "By fiat, buddy. That's that."

Bruce extends Broadway run

Bruce Springsteen must be enjoying Broadway. He just extended the run of his solo show to June 28, 2018; previously, it was scheduled to close on Feb. 3. It's already been extended once, with every show quickly selling out. Tickets for the newly-announced shows go on sale Dec. 19. (New York Times)

New OK Go video

Every new OK Go video is an event, and the clip for their song "Obsession" is no exception. "The innovative video, a collaboration between the band and paper company Double A, utilizes stop-motion imagery, precise choreography and 567 printers to create the 'world's first paper mapping' project," reports Rolling Stone.

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