DJ Pick of the Week: Amy Shark, 'Drive You Mad'


Amy Shark portrait at The Current.
Amy Shark portrait at The Current. (Nate Ryan | MPR)

When we started playing Australian singer songwriter Amy Shark on The Current, I wasn't an instant fan. I remember hearing her song "Adore" (which has become her international hit) and thinking, "Yeah, this is catchy." But it wasn't until I was prepping to interview Amy Shark that I really dug into her Night Thinker EP. Suddenly, it clicked. I felt so connected to her music that I was absolutely smitten with her songwriting.

A song that stood out to me was "Drive You Mad," which she performed in the studio. After meeting her and getting to know her as a performer, I listened to her EP on repeat! "Drive You Mad" is a deeper cut from the record, not one we played in rotation on The Current, but it ended up being my favorite song of the year. Check it out if you haven't heard it, and perhaps you'll be moved to check out her show March 4th at the Amsterdam in Saint Paul.


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  • Amy Shark, 'Night Thinker'
    Amy Shark, 'Night Thinker' (RCA)

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