Music News: Eminem becomes first artist to release eight consecutive immediate chart-toppers


Eminem performs at the MTV EMAs on Nov. 12, 2017.
Eminem performs at the MTV EMAs on Nov. 12, 2017. (Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for MTV)

With his new album Revival, Eminem has become the first artist ever to release eight consecutive albums that debut at number one on the Billboard 200. Going all the way back to The Marshall Mathers LP in 2000, Eminem has debuted at the top of the album chart with every single long-player he's released. Three other artists have racked up eight chart-topping debuts...just not consecutively. Those are JAY-Z, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. (Stereogum)

Roseanne lashes out at Lorde

Lorde surely expected some backlash over her decision to cancel an upcoming Israel concert...but she probably didn't guess that her highest-profile critic would be Roseanne Barr. The actor and comedian, who's about to re-launch her signature sitcom, called Lorde a "bigot" for calling the Tel Aviv show off amidst concern over Israel's treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories. (NME)

Here's why Oasis won't reunite

When the Gallagher brothers announced plans to get together over the holidays, some of their fans' dearly held hopes for an Oasis reunion may have flared up again. Don't get too excited, though: Noel Gallagher says the band won't be getting back together because "I don't particularly want to be a stadium rocker when I'm 50. I think it's undignified."

Doesn't Noel ever think differently when he sees a band like Guns N' Roses selling out massive venues like U.S. Bank Stadium? Nope, he told an interviewer from Music Feeds. "If Axl Rose or Slash or any of those guys were as good as me, they wouldn't f---in' be in Guns N' Roses."

Meghan Trainor is engaged to a Spy Kid

Congratulations to pop star Meghan Trainor, who's newly engaged to actor Daryl Sabara. Don't recognize the name? You might recognize the face, or at least a younger version of it: Sabara co-starred alongside Alexa Vega in the Spy Kids movies. (MTV News)

Beyoncé dabs for Christmas

If you follow Beyoncé on Instagram, you got not one, not two, but three Christmas presents on Monday: animated videos of Queen Bey delivering presents, riding a reindeer, and dabbing in a Santa suit. Peace out, 2017. (Billboard)

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