Music News: Lori Barbero launches girls' studio space initiative


Babes in Toyland
Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland performing live at Rock the Garden 2015. (Teddy Wolff for MPR)

Lori Barbero of Babes in Toyland has partnered with musician Corey Avery as well as multimedia artist (and Grant Hart collaborator) Chris Larson to launch an initiative called MN All-Girls Music Studio. A GoFundMe campaign is seeking to raise $20,000 to support the operation of a donated studio space in St. Paul, where girls aged 6-15 can rehearse and record music. Barbaro herself "will produce each single that comes out of the studio," according to the campaign page. (GoMN)

First Grammys performers announced

Childish Gambino, Lady Gaga, Pink, and Little Big Town have been announced as performers at the upcoming Grammys on Jan. 28. This is just the first round of guest announcements for the ceremony, which after 15 years in L.A. will return to New York — specifically, Madison Square Garden — with much fanfare. (Pitchfork)

Bono calls on men to "step up for women"

Bono considers himself a proud feminist, even if he's sometimes...awkward about it. He recently caught heat for saying that rock music has "gotten very girly," and people thought it was a little weird when he was the only man honored at Glamour's Women of the Year awards.

The U2 frontman wryly refers to that experience in a new essay published by Time. "My favorite trash-talking tweet came from a woman who said that in my defense, my glasses did make me look like a 75-year-old granny from Miami," he writes. "Or another who said it was inspiring how I'd overcome 'the adversity of being a millionaire white dude.'"

The essay is a call for women's rights and equality around the world, and specifically a call for men to join that effort. "Men can't step back and leave it to women alone to clean up the mess we've made and are still making," he writes. "Misogyny, violence and poverty are problems we can't solve at half-strength, which is the way we've been operating for a few millennia now." (Billboard)

Bowie's Volvo goes for the price of a house

David Bowie’s 1981 Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe has sold at auction for the Swiss equivalent of $218,000 — which may also approximate the value of the coke done on the dashboard back in Bowie's Let's Dance era. (Stereogum)

Guns N' Roses tour makes an immense amount of money

Guns N' Roses have topped $475 million in gross sales with their Not In This Lifetime Tour — and it's not even over yet. Only three artists have ever made more money on a single tour: U2, the Rolling Stones, and Coldplay. (Billboard)

GnR made some of that haul last summer at U.S. Bank Stadium, when Sarah Eldred described their performance as "three-plus hours of guitar-shredding, heart-pumping, adrenaline-producing, pure rock and roll."

Clown-themed Iron Maiden cover band allegedly smuggled drugs, who could have guessed?

As Spin points out, singer Daniel Whitmore was reportedly arrested at Japan's Narita International Airport for possessing $7 million worth of illegal stimulants.

Whitmore fronts an Iron Maiden cover band that perform in clown costumes and call themselves Powerclown. The band released a head-scratching statement that refers to Whitmore by his stage name, Dicksee Diànno.

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