Music News: Radiohead sue Lana Del Rey over 'Creep' similarities


Lana Del Rey performs in New York City, October 2017.
Lana Del Rey performs in New York City, October 2017. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Lana Del Rey just opened her L.A. to the Moon Tour on Friday night at Target Center, and then on Sunday news broke that she's being sued by Radiohead over similarities between their breakout hit "Creep" and Del Rey's Lust for Life song "Get Free." Rumors about the lawsuit were confirmed in a tweet from Del Rey. (Pitchfork)

Remembering two music greats

Musician Ray Thomas has died, after a prostate cancer diagnosis, at age 76. Thomas was a founding member of the Moody Blues, writing several songs for the band and performing various instrumental parts including, most recognizably, the flute solo on "Nights in White Satin." Later this year he will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, now posthumously, along with his Moody Blues bandmates. (New York Times)

Singer France Gall has died of a cancer-related infection at age 70. Although not well-known in America, Gall was a star in her native France, rising to fame in the '60s and winning the 1965 Eurovision Song Contest with one of multiple Serge Gainsbourg songs she became known for singing. (Billboard)

Cassette sales soar

Vinyl isn't the only physical format that's making a comeback: cassette sales rose 35% in 2017. By far and away the biggest sellers were the mixtapes tied to the Guardians of the Galaxy film series, which collectively accounted for 22% of all cassette sales last year. Appropriately, the '80s-evoking Stranger Things soundtrack was also a big seller on tape. (Billboard)

Justin Bieber museum exhibit to open in Canada

If David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and the Rolling Stones can have museum exhibits, why not the Biebs? An exhibit chronicling Justin Bieber’s rise to fame will open on Feb. 18 at the Stratford Perth Museum in Ontario. As Billboard reports,

Bieber's grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, played a large role in making the exhibit possible, as well as Bieber himself, by donating items such as a hockey bag and jacket from his time with the Stratford Warriors, running shoes, microphones, photographs, personal letters, various awards and more.

"New Nye's" to open on Thursday

On Thursday, the "new Nye's" will open behind the old façade of the Northeast Minneapolis landmark. City Pages got a look inside, and reports that:

This won't be the polka and pierogi Polonaise Room you bid farewell to in 2016, which has some Nye's fans more than a little skeptical about version 2.0. There's no food, for one, and no polka band, and there's nary a stitch of Naugahyde in sight. Instead, you'll find golden booths, marble tabletops, and a sparkling glass bar, plus a new, 8- to 10-person enclosure by the grand piano backed by an elegant, tufted red wall.

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