Music News: Janet Jackson won't appear at Super Bowl halftime


Justin Timberlake at a Minneapolis press conference, Feb. 1, 2017.
Justin Timberlake at a Minneapolis press conference, Feb. 1, 2017. (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Ever since Justin Timberlake was announced as the Super Bowl LII halftime entertainer, there have been loud calls for him to invite Janet Jackson back for a happier duet after their 2004 "wardrobe malfunction." Given the fact that Jackson recorded much of her best-known music in Minneapolis with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, a halftime cameo seemed like a no-brainer.

Nope: not gonna happen, Timberlake confirmed at a Thursday press conference in Minneapolis. Nor will halftime audiences see Timberlake's old boy band NSYNC or his recent duet partner Chris Stapleton. It's just going to be Timberlake and his band for a show that the headliner hopes will get everyone dancing.

"That's the greatest thing everyone can do to express joy," said Timberlake. "I don't want to sound like Kevin Bacon in Flashdance." (Star Tribune)

Club Jäger reopens

Almost half a year ago, the North Loop bar and sometime music venue Clubhouse Jäger closed when its entire staff quit after it was revealed that owner Julius DeRoma donated to the Senate campaign of white supremacist David Duke. On Wednesday, the bar reopened...and yes, DeRoma is still the owner. (City Pages)

Neil Young to star in western film

Neil Young is starring in a new western that's set to premiere at SXSW next month. The director: his girlfriend Daryl Hannah. Willie Nelson and his sons, whose band Promise of the Real has been playing with Young in recent years, will also appear in the film. Here's the synopsis of the movie, which is titled Paradox.

Time is fluid in this far-fetched, whimsical western tale of music and love. Somewhere in the future past, The Man In the Black Hat hides out between heists at an old stagecoach stop with Jail Time, the Particle Kid, and an odd band of outlaws. Mining the detritus of past civilizations, they wait... for the Silver Eagle, for the womenfolk, and for the full moon's magic to give rise to the music and make the spirits fly.

Will it be as good as Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, the 1973 western co-starring and soundtracked by Bob Dylan? We'll see. (Consequence of Sound)

Lorde concert cancellation defendants call lawsuit a "hoax"

It was widely reported this week that the co-authors of a petition successfully calling on Lorde to cancel her Tel Aviv concert are being sued by three Israelis under a controversial law banning calls to boycott the country. Now, the supposed defendants are calling the suit a hoax.

Nadia Abu-Shanab and Justine Sachs say they "have not received any summons or other formal notice." In an essay posted on Medium, the activists write that "No intimidation tactics can or will stifle this growing movement." (Pitchfork)

David Byrne shares "beautiful" playlist

David Byrne has shared a playlist he calls "The Beautiful S---holes." Artists on the playlist hail from Africa and the Caribbean, regions reportedly referred to as "s---hole countries" by president Donald Trump. "I assume I don't have to explain where the s---hole reference came from," writes Byrne. "Here's a playlist that gives just the smallest sample of the depth and range of creativity that continues to pour out of the countries in Africa and the Caribbean." (Pitchfork)

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