Music News: Quincy Jones jaw-dropping interviews get music world buzzing


Quincy Jones arrives at a Spotify event in 2017.
Quincy Jones arrives at a Spotify event in 2017. (Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Spotify)

Legendary producer and composer Quincy Jones is planning a documentary, a TV special (hosted by Oprah Winfrey), and maybe even a biopic to celebrate his 85th birthday next month. He's also giving interviews...boy, is he ever.

Two long and wide-ranging recent interviews have resulted in a wealth of revelations, and if some of them are pretty crazy, the one that seemed the wildest — the mention that Richard Pryor once hooked up with Marlon Brando — was subsequently confirmed by Pryor's widow, so at this point you can't really count anything out.

What else is Jones saying? Well, there's a story about Prince trying to run Michael Jackson over with a limo after the King of Pop outdanced the Purple One onstage at a James Brown concert in 1983. Not that Jackson gets off: Jones calls Jackson "Machiavellian" and says he "stole" musical ideas from his band members.

There's the argument that Elvis Presley "couldn't sing," and was turned away by bandleader Tommy Dorsey for that reason. Jones also says the Beatles were terrible musicians too, at least at first, and a Ringo Starr drum part once had to be re-recorded, behind Ringo's back, by jazz drummer Ronnie Verrell.

There's an anecdote about Jones buying drugs from Malcolm X while playing with Lionel Hampton. Oh, and also, Jones says he used to date Ivanka Trump and, also, he knows who really shot President John F. Kennedy. "We shouldn't talk about this publicly." (Pitchfork)

Lana Del Rey recovers from kidnapping plot, plans musical

Lana Del Rey choked up onstage Monday night while discussing a recently-thwarted kidnapping plot against her. "I'm actually feeling a little more emotional than I thought," she said in Atlanta. "I was feeling totally fine, and then I just got, I don't know, a little bit nervous when I got onstage." (MTV News)

Meanwhile, a new magazine called L'Officiel debuted with a feature in which Del Rey fielded questions from some of her famous fans — including Stevie Nicks, Courtney Love, Kim Kardashian, and Grimes. The revelation that got most attention was the news that Del Rey has started writing a Broadway musical. "I may finish in two or three years," she said, offering no further details except that her frequent songwriter collaborator Rick Nowels is involved. (Jezebel)

Elvis documentary soundtrack plans announced

Presumably Quincy Jones won't be watching The Searcher, an upcoming documentary spanning the life of Elvis Presley. The two-part, three-hour film debuts on HBO on April 14, and a soundtrack has now been announced for April 6. The soundtrack will include Presley music and the original score by Mike McCready (Pearl Jam); a deluxe edition will feature "a plethora of bonus material including additional rarities, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ rendition of 'Wooden Heart' and classic R&B, country and gospel songs that inspired Elvis," notes Rolling Stone.

Metallica plan Cliff Burton Day

Saturday will be Cliff Burton Day in Alameda County, California, honoring Metallica’s late bassist, who would have turned 56 that day and was born in the area. Burton was a member of Metallica for their first three albums, and died in a bus crash while on tour with the band in 1986. "Thanks to all of the fans who got behind this initiative," wrote Metallica, announcing the news. "We love that he remains so revered." (Rolling Stone)

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