Music News: 'High Fidelity' could become TV series with female lead


John Cusack and Jack Black in 'High Fidelity.'
John Cusack and Jack Black in 'High Fidelity.' (Touchstone Pictures)

Disney is developing its own subscription streaming service, and the first series to be developed for that service that doesn't fall into the "superhero, kids, or sci-fi genres," notes Consequence of Sound, is reportedly an adaptation of music-fanatic favorite High Fidelity.

The story of a beleaguered record-store clerk started life as a 1995 novel by Nick Hornby and became a movie starring John Cusack and Jack Black five years later. The Disney reboot will reportedly flip the script by casting a woman in the lead role; as in the movie, she'll speak directly to the camera and open up about her past relationships. There's no word as of yet on whether Bruce Springsteen will make any cameos.

Stevie Wonder celebrates MLK's dream

One place the Boss does appear is in a new video celebrating the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr. The video, released on Wednesday as the world marked 50 years since King's death, also features Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Cher, SZA, Harry Styles, and Barack and Michelle Obama, among other stars.

"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s teachings and works have led me and the world to give peace a chance. Although Dr. King left us 50 years ago, his dream is still within all of us," says Wonder in the video — which he shared in his first-ever tweet. (Rolling Stone)

Justin Timberlake reunites with selfie kid

At the conclusion of his Super Bowl halftime performance in Minneapolis this year, Justin Timberlake paused to take a photo with a boy who instantly became known around the world as "selfie kid." Ryan McKenna — who's now, of course, on Instagram as "selfiekid" — reunited with Timberlake when the singer came to McKenna's home state of Massachusetts for a show on his Man of the Woods Tour.

"I went into Justin's dressing room and he like surprised me — jumped out," said the 13-year-old. "And he was like, 'What's up man?!' And then we took another selfie. And then Patriots players came in — Julian Edelman, which was so cool because I'm a huge Patriots fan." (Billboard)

Today's St. Vincent news

In a tweet on Tuesday, St. Vincent had some thoughts on "fashion kids" who wear Metallica shirts.

The following day, Metallica had a response. (Stereogum)

Meanwhile, Lorde was joined onstage in Brooklyn by her collaborator Jack Antonoff for a cover of St. Vincent's "New York." Fer cute. (Billboard)

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