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Live From The Current Studio

Margaret Glaspy performs in The Current studio

Margaret Glaspy, with Julian Lage, performs in The Current studio.
Margaret Glaspy, with Julian Lage, performs in The Current studio.Nate Ryan | MPR
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by Mary Lucia

April 06, 2018

Margaret Glaspy - I Love You, Goodnight (Live on The Current)
by MPR
Margaret Glaspy - Book With No Binding (Live on The Current)
by MPR
Margaret Glaspy - Before We Were Together (Live on The Current)
by MPR

There's an axiom in the music business that it's nearly impossible to write songs while on the road. "That's why it's only three songs!" laughs Margaret Glaspy about her new EP, Born Yesterday. "That was mostly worked out at sound checks and written in the back of a van."

Glaspy is back on the road doing a small tour in support of the EP while playing favorites off her debut full-length Emotions and Math and road-testing some other songs. In town for a show at First Avenue, Glaspy, along with guitarist Julian Lage, stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Mary Lucia.

The songs Glaspy writes contain vivid lyrics, raising the question of how much of her songs are autobiographical. "I'm pretty private in terms of not really talking about my personal life," Glaspy says. "I think everyone kind of prefers it that way. But overall, I don't really have a barometer of how much I withhold or not. I think I like to serve the song most often, make really good songs. Usually it's not really a matter of how much of my personal I want to put in or how much I want to avoid the topics, but more like what makes a really good song. And sometimes my personal life doesn't make for a good song."

Glaspy played a couple tracks from her new EP as well as an unreleased track from her side project with Lage, a band called Rudh Ruth. Use the audio player above to listen to the complete in-studio session.

Songs Performed

"I Love You, Goodnight"
"Book With No Binding"
"Before We Were Together"
Songs one and three from Margaret Glaspy's 2018 EP, Born Yesterday, available on ATO Records. Song two is previously unreleased.

Hosted by Mary Lucia
Produced by David Safar and Derrick Stevens
Engineered by Michael DeMark
Visuals by Nate Ryan
Web feature by Luke Taylor


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