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Electric Fetus debuts ‘Fetus Girl’ Lego set

courtesy Electric Fetus
courtesy Electric Fetus

by Hanna Bubser

April 19, 2018

There was so much buzz surrounding First Avenue's foray into Lego culture a few months back that it only feels appropriate to see another Twin Cities music landmark follow suit.

The Electric Fetus record store has teamed up with Brickmania, a Minnesota-based group that creates and sells custom Lego sets. Brickmania was founded by designer Daniel Siskind in 1999. Earlier this year, Brickmania ran a fan expo showcasing the aforementioned First Avenue sculpture (as well as a much larger model), Landmark Center, and other well-known Twin Cities spots made completely out of Lego.

As for their partnership with Electric Fetus, inspiration came from a poster print by local artist Adam Turman, which features a woman buying records at Electric Fetus. Brickmania created the "Fetus Girl" mini-figure, which is being sold for $25. She includes a slew of mini records-all by local artists including Atmosphere, Babes in Toyland, Charlie Parr, Bob Dylan, Hippo Campus, and Sonny Knight & the Lakers.

She is available for purchase on the Electric Fetus website, along with a limited edition retro turntable (not full size!) adorning the Electric Fetus logo. It is also made of Lego.

The products have been released just in time for Record Store Day on April 21.

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