Music News: Watch David Byrne sing Prince karaoke


David Byrne performs at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis.
David Byrne performs at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis, May 2018. (Maddy Fox for MPR)

Before his show Sunday night in Portland, Oregon, David Byrne biked over to a local tiki lounge to sing some karaoke. His selection? Prince’s "When Doves Cry." (Portland Mercury)

Remembering Stewart Lupton

Stewart Lupton, former frontman of New York indie band Jonathan Fire*Eater, has died at age 43. His family attributed his death to a "desperate attempt to escape the voices that so tormented him."

Although Jonathan Fire*Eater never broke through to mainstream success, their danceable post-punk sound was foundational for the wave of bands that came out of New York in the early 21st century — bands like the Strokes, LCD Soundsystem, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, whose Karen O called Jonathan Fire*Eater an "enormous influence."

After Jonathan Fire*Eater's breakup in 1998, Lupton's bandmates went on to form the Walkmen with Hamilton Leithauser, but Lupton himself spent recent years primarily focused on writing poetry. (New York Times)

Kesha suffers loss in court

Kesha’s long battle to extricate herself from contracts with producer Dr. Luke has suffered a setback. On Tuesday, a New York appeals court ruled that Kesha cannot amend a lawsuit against Dr. Luke to free herself from the agreements. The court noted that Kesha's claim she cannot perform under the agreements due to the dissolution of her professional relationship with Dr. Luke was contradicted by the fact that she has, in fact, been performing and releasing music in recent months. Kesha and Dr. Luke will continue to pursue competing lawsuits, with Kesha accusing Dr. Luke of abuse and the producer accusing the singer of defamation. (New York Times)

Snoop Dogg breaks the most predictable record

It seems only right that the Guinness World Record for largest glass of gin and juice is now held by Snoop Dogg. The rapper, whose 1994 hit forever associated him with "Gin & Juice," mixed a five-foot cocktail while performing on Saturday on the Williams-Sonoma Stage at a Napa Valley music festival. In mixing the drink, which required 180 handles of Hendrick's gin, Snoop got a hand from fellow rapper Warren G and used juice donated by the decidedly non-gangsta Whole Foods. (Billboard)

Weezer finally cover "Africa"

Just a few days after trolling the internet by covering a different Toto song, Weezer finally acquiesced to singing the song people have been begging them to sing for the past several months: "Africa." They posted their cover on YouTube with a screenshot of a tweet from @weezerafrica, an account established by a Cleveland teenager who's been leading the calls for the cover. (NPR)

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