Listen to Looch: the #mprraccoon


This week, Mary Lucia reports on an intrepid raccoon that has scaled more than 20 floors on a building across the street from MPR. (Luke Taylor | MPR)

So here's the thing: I went out on the south patio earlier today, and the big to-do was, "The raccoon! The raccoon!" And I thought, "Well, is there a raccoon in the building?" No.

There's a raccoon across the street that has scaled 22 floors since about 9:30 this morning, that's when he was first spotted.

Of course, hindsight being 20/20, people were like, "Why didn't you just throw a bunch of garbage on the sidewalk, or a bag of dog food?" or something, he might have easily come down. But he's a little determined. He started climbing. And he's now on the 22nd floor.

If we care enough about this little rabid raccoon downtown St. Paul, maybe the window-washers could get up there.

It's the whole talk of MPR today (follow the #mprraccoon hashtag on social media, and find more coverage at MPR News), but I'm almost afraid to watch. I looked through binoculars, and he was chilling, so let's think good thoughts for Rocky the raccoon, because I think he's determined! He's going to get to the top.

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