Music News: Green Day's 'American Idiot' shoots up U.K. charts amid protests


Cover art for Green Day's 'American Idiot.'
Cover art for Green Day's 'American Idiot.' (Reprise)

Protesters objecting to President Donald Trump’s recent London visit made Green Day’s 2004 song "American Idiot" their anthem, hoping to send the song to number one in the U.K. They didn't land the song on the top of the charts, but it has returned to the British top 40, ranking number 25 on the U.K. singles chart this week — as well as landing back on multiple rock and alternative charts in the U.S. (Billboard)

Spotify aims to make playlisting less exclusive

Placement on a Spotify-curated playlist is increasingly critical for commercial success in the music world: the playlist Today's Top Hits, for example, has a bigger active audience than any individual radio station in America, and the service says that 15% of total listening time is spent streaming its own playlists.

Now, Spotify is inviting artists and labels to submit tracks for consideration on curated playlists like Ultimate Indie, Rap Caviar, and Hot Country. "The submission process requires each party to contribute detailed information about their track, including genre, mood, instruments used and whether it's a cover or an original composition," reports Music Business Worldwide.

Most submissions won't be chosen, of course, but Spotify says it's still worth the time to submit, as the information submitted will help the service recommend the tracks to listeners who enjoy similar music.

Bowie mid-1980s box set announced

Parlophone Records has announced the next installment in its series of box sets focusing on stages in the long and varied career of David Bowie. The releases have been proceeding chronologically, and the next set, Loving the Alien, will focus on the period from 1983 to 1988. That period saw Bowie reach a new pop-culture peak with the smash hit album Let's Dance and his appearance in the cult classic Jim Henson film Labyrinth.

The 11-disc collection, out Oct. 21, will include all of Bowie's commercially released music from that era, as well as rarities like Labyrinth soundtrack material and a previously unreleased two-disc live album recorded in 1983. (Billboard)

Who will sing the next Bond theme?

A new James Bond movie — the 25th in the series — is planned for release next year, which means it's time to start placing odds on who will sing the title track. NME has shared its wish list, including Dua Lipa, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Beyoncé, and a fantasy collaboration between Madonna and Charli XCX.

The last few musicians to do the honors have been Sam Smith, Adele, and Alicia Keys in collaboration with Jack White.

"Last Christmas" to be a movie

Plans to turn the Wham! classic "Last Christmas" into a movie are moving forward. Writer Bryony Kimmings says she's completed a script, co-written with actor Emma Thompson. Bridesmaids director Paul Feig will be at the helm for the project, which Kimmings says was approved by George Michael before his death.

Kimmings says the current script has a trans lead; she's not sure whether that will remain, but she hopes the final film has "quite an element of queer," adding that, "George was such a massive advocate for gay rights." (The Muse)

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