What was it like the first time you saw Prince's 'Purple Rain'?


Prince and Apollonia in 'Purple Rain'
Prince and Apollonia in 'Purple Rain' (Warner Bros. via YouTube)

It was 34 years ago today that Purple Rain hit cinemas. It was an incredible moment for Prince's career, and an incredible moment for fans to see their favorite artist in a feature-length film. There are many great stories about fans catching the movie decked-out in all their '80s splendor, but the movie has such a long tail that people discover it all the time.

I saw Purple Rain for the first time around 1989. My mom was a huge Prince fan and much of my childhood soundtrack was her humming "Raspberry Beret." I expressed some interest in Prince in anticipation of the Batman movie coming out and my parents pounced on the opportunity to expand my musical horizon beyond DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince and ZZ Top. My mom raced out and rented Purple Rain and we had a family viewing. I remember being blown away seeing the excitement of the band, the audience, the dance moves and the backstage scenes. Everything else raced right over my eight year comprehension level, but my interest in Prince was piqued and my mom was happy to expand my musical boundaries.

I'd love to share your stories about the first time you saw Purple Rain, whether it was in 1984 or in 2018. Tell me your story with the location, the scene, how the movie made you feel. We'll put together some memories and share them on Purple Current during the Purple Hour on Friday August 3.


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