Watch Now Now perform at the Minnesota State Fair

Now Now perform live at the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair. (Jules Ameel for MPR)

On Saturday, Sept. 1, KC Dalager and Bradley Hale of the band Now Now stopped at the MPR booth at the Minnesota State Fair to play a live set as part of Oake & Riley in the Afternoon. The four-song set included three songs from the band's latest album, Saved, as well as a track from their 2012 album, Threads.

Between songs, Dalager and Hale bonded with Brian Oake over their shared roots in the Twin Cities area's north-suburban cultural corridor, which includes the communities of Coon Rapids and Blaine. "We're proud to represent the Coon Rapidians and the Blainerds," Dalager says, going on to describe her and Hale's roots in the Blaine High School marching band.

Looking ahead, Dalager and Hale also talk about their upcoming tour with another Minnesota band, Hippo Campus, as well as festival dates in Mexico. But perhaps Now Now's biggest thrill is being able to perform at the Great Minnesota Get-Together. "We were so excited to be able to do this," Hale says. "We got to play the Grandstand last year, and we were afraid this year we wouldn't be able to play [at the Minnesota State Fair], and lucky for us, here we are. We're going to try and find our way to play at the Fair every year from now on."

"Even if it's for ourselves," Dalager adds.

Watch the complete performance above.

Songs Performed

"Set It Free"
"But I Do"
Songs 1, 2 and 4 are from Now Now's 2018 album, Saved; the third song is from Now Now's 2012 full-length, Threads. Both are available on Trans- Records.

Hosted by Brian Oake and Jill Riley
Produced by Anna Reed
Engineered by Michael DeMark and Johnny Vince Evans
Video by Jules Ameel and Luke Taylor

External Link

Now Now - official site

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