Remembering Charles Bradley: 'I miss the guy like crazy'

Derrick Stevens, The Current's Production Manager, reflects on the life and music of Charles Bradley, and describes the connection he and Charles Bradley shared. (Luke Taylor | MPR)

Charles Bradley, aka "the Screaming Eagle of Soul," passed away in September 2017. One year on, The Current's Production Manager, Derrick Stevens, reflects on the life and music of the late soul singer.

"Charles Bradley was in the music business for years upon years, and never really got that big break until later on in life," Stevens says. "But I think Charles Bradley definitely took advantage of that break later on in life to make his mark in the music industry."

Stevens also remembers the friendship he and Bradley shared. "Whenever Charles Bradley would come into the studio, we would always make a connection," Stevens recalls. "I miss the guy like crazy, I miss the phone calls we used to have, the text messages that we would relay periodically. Just the checking in."

Watch the video above to hear more about the late Charles Bradley, including some clips from Bradley's in-studio performances at The Current.

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    Charles Bradley portrait (MPR photo/Nate Ryan)

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