Music News: Nick Mason taking early Pink Floyd material on road


Nick Mason performs in Virginia Water, England, 2018.
Nick Mason performs in Virginia Water, England, 2018. (Andrew Redington/Getty Image)
Nick Mason taking early Pink Floyd material on road
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Pink Floyd have called it quits, but founding member Nick Mason isn't through playing their music. The drummer has formed a group that focuses on the legendary prog-rockers' early material, from their releases prior to Dark Side of the Moon. The group, appropriately called Saucerful of Secrets, feature Spandau Ballet's Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt, a longtime touring bassist for Pink Floyd. They've just announced a North American tour, launching March 12 in Vancouver.

Mason, 74, says he's playing the music "for the sheer joy," and that both Roger Waters and David Gilmour are supportive, with Waters hinting that he might even join the group onstage sometime. The shows promise to be real treats for fans of early Floyd, featuring some material that no member of the band has played live in decades. (Rolling Stone)

Journey cassette clears building

A skyscraper in North Carolina was cleared out due to a suspicious package that turned out to contain a Journey cassette. On Tuesday morning, the Duke Energy Center was cleared out after mailroom staff flagged a manila envelope sent from out of state with a hand-written address, and the building was evacuated in case it turned out to be a bomb. Authorities arrived, to discover only a Journey tape; no, we don't know what album it was. (Consequence of Sound)

After the revelation, CNN's Jake Tapper tweeted, "Cain we try to Perry our jitters into something lighthearted about this news update? Would be a Schon if not."

Nikki Sixx speaks up for dogs

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx is beefing, not another '80s rocker. He has issues with Texas A&M University, which is using dogs in medical research. Sixx is sending a letter to the school's president, citing a PETA video that alleges dogs being used in the research are living in painful conditions. "These animals are skinny, and their tongues are so swollen that they can barely swallow the mush they're fed," writes Sixx.

In a statement, Texas A&M says that the video was misleadingly edited and that the animals are not being harmed. The research concerns therapies for muscular dystrophy, which develops in similar ways in both dogs and humans; the university says there's no reasonable substitute for animal testing before new therapies can be tested on humans. (Rolling Stone)

Remembering Hardy Fox

Hardy Fox, co-founder of the Residents, has died of brain cancer at age 73. In a statement, the group said, "As the group's producer, engineer, as well as collaborator on much of their material, Fox's influence on The Residents was indelible; despite any formal training, his musicality was nevertheless unique, highly refined and prolific."

Although the group were founded in 1969, Fox wasn't even revealed as a member until 2015, when he retired from the group...because the Residents operate under complete anonymity. Concerts are highly theatrical experiences where band members wear eyeball helmets and top hats. They're regarded as multimedia pioneers. (Consequence of Sound)

Drake defines 2000s nostalgia

What will people be nostalgic for when they think back on the aughts, a.k.a. the first decade of the 2000s? Drake floated a few ideas at a recent 2000s-themed birthday party, and images have surfaced online.

Drake himself had two different outfits: he dressed as Faboulous, who broke out with his 2001 album Ghetto Fabolous. He also dressed as Puff Daddy — who, of course, declared in 2001 that he was changing his name to "P. Diddy." Needless to say, the actual Sean Combs was a guest. There was a wall of Blockbuster video shelves to serve as a photo booth, and a whole area dedicated to Pimp My Ride. The must-have accessory? A flip phone. (BuzzFeed)

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