What Time is it? Listen to 25 Hours of The Time on Purple Current


On November 3, an extra hour means more time for The Time. (MPR Video)

I've been spending a lot of time listening to and researching The Time. The group functioned as the counterweight to Prince's ambitious explorations for the most fruitful years of his career. Morris Day, Jerome Benton, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis could absolutely deliver in the studio; and The Time are still 1000% no joke live (I caught them most recently at the Prince Tribute Concert at the Xcel Energy Center and they brought the house down!). Between the different personalities and similar strengths, I've started to think of Purple Rain as some kind of '80s version of Fight Club, with Morris Day and the Kid reflecting identities that were both within Prince. What do you think?

I'm bringing this all up because we are doing something pretty ambitious this Sunday, November 3. When you set your clock back for the end of daylight saving time, be sure to pump your speakers up for 25 hours of The Time on Purple Current. When you're groggy and wondering what time is it? We've got the answer. Time for The Time. This is going to be outrageously fun. Please do some stretches in advance to get ready for extended periods of doing the Bird, the Oak Tree and more.

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