DJ Flugvel og Geimskip performs at Iceland Airwaves

dj. flugvel og geimskip
DJ Flugvel og Geimskip with Mark Wheat at the Skuli Craft Bar in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Jay Gabler | MPR)
dj. flugvel og geimskip - full session + interview
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  • dj. flugvel og geimskip - full session + interview 20:05
  • dj. flugvel og geimskip - Allt er bara bull 05:30
  • dj. flugvel og geimskip - Elsta lag i heimi 04:25
  • dj. flugvel og geimskip - Haettur a hafi uti 04:22
  • dj. flugvel og geimskip - Hjari Veraldar 05:37

With a stage name that translates to DJ Airplane and Spaceship, there is already much to unpack with Icelandic artist Steinunn Hareardottir. She is a self-described "electronic horror musician from outer space!"

She sings, uses synths and incorporates drum machines into her music, which she has been releasing since 2013. Her most recent effort is The Sphinx, which was released in 2017. Her newest album, which focuses on the concept of Atlantis, is expected in 2019.

Songs performed

Allt er bara bull
Elsta lag í heimi
Haettur á hafi úuti
Hjari Veraldar


Hosted by Mark Wheat
Produced by Lindsay Kimball
Engineered by Erik Stromstad

External Links

DJ Flugvel Og Geimskip - official site
Iceland Airwaves - official site

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  • dj. flugvel og geimskip
    DJ Flugvel og Geimskip (DJ Airplane and Spaceship) is the solo project of Icelandic artist Steinunn Hardardottir. (Courtesy of the artist)