Hildur performs at Iceland Airwaves

Mark Wheat with Hildur (Hildur Kristin Stefansdottir)
Mark Wheat with Hildur at Skuli Craft Bar at Iceland Airwaves. (Jay Gabler | MPR)
Hildur performs at Iceland Airwaves (full session + interview)
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  • Hildur performs at Iceland Airwaves (full session + interview) 17:40
  • Hildur - Full of You (Live at Iceland Airwaves) 03:16
  • Hildur - Picture Perfect (Live at Iceland Airwaves) 03:42
  • Hildur - I'll Walk With You (Live at Iceland Airwaves) 03:47
  • Hildur - Everyday (new track released Nov. 16; recorded in Iceland) 03:50

Hildur is an electronic pop artist from Iceland. She can play the cello, guitar, synth, ukulele and Japanese koto harp as well as produce music digitally. Although she doesn't yet have a full studio album, Hildur's singles have been instant hits, including 2016's "I'll Walk With You" and her newest single, "Picture Perfect."

Beyond her solo work, Hildur — whose full name is Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir — has also performed in the band, Rökkurró. At Iceland Airwaves 2017, The Current's Mark Wheat interviewed Hildur and saw her perform at the art museum in Akureyri. This year, Wheat welcomes Hildur to The Current's sessions at the Skúli Craft Bar in Reykjavik.

Hildur will perform in New York City on December 4; here is a sample of what fans there will be able to experience at that show.

Songs Performed

"Full of You"
"Picture Perfect"
"I'll Walk With You"
"Everyday" — bonus track; new single recorded in Reykjavik and released Nov. 16

Hosted by Mark Wheat
Produced by Lindsay Kimball
Engineered by Erik Stromstad
Web feature by Hanna Bubser and Luke Taylor

External Link

Hildur - official site

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2 Photos

  • Icelandic musician and producer Hildur
    Icelandic musician and producer Hildur. (Birta Ran)
  • Hildur talking to Mark Wheat at Iceland Airwaves
    Hildur talking to Mark Wheat on The Current's live broadcast from Iceland Airwaves at Gotubarinn in Akureyri, Iceland. (Nate Ryan | MPR)

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