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Cherry Glazerr perform in The Current studio

Devin O'Brien of Cherry Glazerr performs in The Current studio
Devin O'Brien of Cherry Glazerr performs in The Current studioNate Ryan | MPR
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by Sean McPherson

March 12, 2019

Cherry Glazerr - That's Not My Real Life (Live at The Current)
by MPR
Cherry Glazerr - Self Explained (Live at The Current)
by MPR
Cherry Glazerr - Wasted Nun (Live at The Current)
by MPR

Cherry Glazerr's latest album, Stuffed & Ready, released on February 1 of this year, and the Los Angeles three-piece have been touring in support of the new album. "I feel like it's always the most exciting to play the things you've written most recently, and so it feels really fresh and very exciting," says Cherry Glazerr songwriter and frontperson Clementine Creevy. "It's been a really great run so far."

The tour included a show at the Fine Line in Minneapolis, and during their time in the Twin Cities, Cherry Glazerr — Creevy, along with bassist Devin O'Brien and drummer Tabor Allen — stopped at The Current for a session hosted by Sean McPherson.

Listen to the complete session above, and read highlights from Sean's interview with Clementine Creevy below.

Interview Highlights

On Stuffed & Ready's funkier, more danceable sound compared to previous Cherry Glazerr releases:

"I feel like a lot of the influences that shine through in the music are sort of sub-perceptual; it's unintentional that things we've been listening to show up in the music that we've been playing. I was listening to a lot of LCD Soundsystem; also, I grew up listening to a lot of funk, and that's kind of when I learned to play electric guitar, I was listening to a lot of Funkadelic, and Eddie Hazel's a big influence for me."

On her songwriting process:

"A lot of times, melodies pop into my head randomly, and then I'll record them into Voice Memos on my phone, and then I'll translate them onto the guitar.

"I'm always playing guitar, so I'm always fiddling around and always coming up with stuff. Sometimes a whole song comes together — the verse, the chorus, the bridge, all together — and then sometimes just bits and pieces come slowly one by one. And working on this album was fun because Carlos de la Garza, our producer, pushed me to finish a lot of the songs and like really finish them and craft them into songs. So that was really fun."

On the contrast between Stuffed & Ready's songs' "fun" sound and their lyrics:

"I have a lot of fun playing the songs. The content and the feelings behind a lot of the words are sort of a release for me. So even though they do seem dark on paper, it's actually very invigorating for me to play them."

On wanting to be surrounded by musicians and producers who challenge her:

"I like to always be teachable. It's funny, I was just reading this Picasso quote; he says, 'I do what I don't know how to do so that I can learn how to do it,' and I love that because it's so gratifying and fulfilling to learn more musical things, and through it, I feel like I've developed a better ear and better communication skills that really helped me in the studio this time around, because I was able to communicate what I really wanted to be in the music."

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Songs Performed

"That's Not My Real Life"
"Self Explained"
"Wasted Nun"
All songs from Cherry Glazerr's 2019 release, Stuffed & Ready, available on Secretly Canadian.

Hosted by Sean McPherson
Produced by Derrick Stevens
Engineered by John Miller
Visuals by Nate Ryan and Mary Mathis
Web feature by Luke Taylor

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