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Watch Fontaines D.C. perform at The Current Day Party in Austin, Texas

Fontaines D.C. perform at The Current Day Party at Barracuda in Austin, Texas, on Friday, March 15, during the SXSW music festival.
Fontaines D.C. perform at The Current Day Party at Barracuda in Austin, Texas, on Friday, March 15, during the SXSW music festival.Nate Ryan | MPR

March 16, 2019

Inspired by the duplicity of Johnny Fontane, a character from The Godfather, Fontaines D.C. have been compared to the Pogues, the Strokes, the Stooges, the Fall, and fellow Dubliners Girl Band.

Although this idea started mostly in jest, frontman Grian Chatten told Stereogum that they wanted to promote "the idea that we were endorsed by the Mafia. That every step of our career was endorsed by some Don."

Along with references to history, books, culture and tragedy, Fontaines D.C. meld garage rock and punk. Their songs touch on many different sentiments including the idea of identity loss as Ireland gentrifies.

Although they are already working on a second album, the five-piece band will release their first full-length later this year. Named after a type of poetry once popular in Ireland, Dogrel is a combination of music and lyrics inspired by what Chatten describes as "pub talk and poetry."

"There's so much poetry innately in the colloquialisms of people in Ireland," Chatten told Stereogum. "You don't really have to strive to speak poetically if you're speaking in the Dublin lingo, you know? It's just impossible to live in that and not churn it out."

The album is also full of romantic symbolism associated with their love of Dublin and the band's desire to preserve the past through their music.

Many of the songs include Irish references that showcase different areas and places that hold some meaning to the members of the group. The song "Liberty Belle" refers to an area of town better known as Liberties in which several of the band members consider home. Chatten describes this area as the last true surviving locus of Irish culture.

     – Marla Khan-Schwartz

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Songs Performed

"Chequeless Reckless"
"Hurricane Laughter"
"The Lotts"
"Too Real"
"Liberty Belle"
"Boys In The Better Land"
All songs from Fontaines D.C.'s forthcoming album, Dogrel, expected April 2019 on Partisan Records.

Video Credits

Video Director: Erik Stromstad
Camera operators: Mary Mathis, Brett Baldwin
Audio: Veronica Rodriguez

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