What is Prince's greatest song from 1992?


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Every Friday in March our Purple Hour (12pm and 7pm CST) will be turning into a Purple Current Time Machine. We will be taking a look at Prince's musical output for a specific year, (even if it was released significantly later) and you will be voting on the top tracks for that year. This means that Prince's output as a ghostwriter, producer, and collaborator are all fair game.

Prince was prolific in 1992. Coming off of the work of the Graffiti Bridge movie and soundtrack, and a 1991 that was heavy on releases by other artists, 1992 brought us the Love Symbol album and some incredible work with other artists. Take a look at the top music Prince released, written or recorded in 1992!

 1. Prince - 7
 2. Prince - My Name is Prince
 3. Prince - Sexy M.F.
 4. Prince - Damn U
 5. Prince - The Rest of My Life
 6. Prince - 1000 X's and O's
 7. Prince - Sweet Baby
 8. Prince - 3 Chains O' Gold
 9. Prince - The Sacrifice of Victor
10. Prince - And God Created Woman
11. Prince - My Little Pill
12. Prince - 2 Whom It May Concern (B-side)
13. Prince - The Flow
14. Prince - When the Lights Go Down
15. Rosie Gaines - T.R.O.U.B.L.E.

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