Watch Son Volt live in concert at First Avenue

Watch Son Volt live April 24 from First Avenue (MPR Video)

Watch Son Volt perform songs from their new album 'Union' -- alongside old favorites -- live from First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minn.

On Son Volt's new record, Union, present and past mingle into strong confluence. The thirteen new songs written by founder Jay Farrar confront our turbulent politics and articulate the clarity and comfort music can offer in the tumult. "There are so many forces driving our country apart," observes Farrar. "What can we do to bring our society back together?"

Watch as Farrar and company blend songs from the new album with fan favorites from the past 25 years.

Set list

The 99
Lost Souls
Sinking Down
The Picture
The Reason
Reality Winner
While Rome Burns
Cherokee St.
Devil May Care
World Waits for You
Bandages & Scars
Driving the View
Caryatid Easy
Afterglow 61
Tear Stained Eye

Hearts and Minds
Back Against the Wall
Monkey Man


Jay Farrar (Vocals, guitar)
Mark Spencer (piano, organ, acoustic slide, lap steel, backing vocals)
Andrew DuPlantis (bass, backing vocals)
Chris Frame (Guitar)
Mark Patterson (Drums and Percussion)


Audio: Michael DeMark; Camera Operators: Peter Ecklund, Mary Mathis, Helen Teague; Video Director: Nate Ryan; Production Manager: Erik Stromstad

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