Shane Leonard guest DJs on Radio Heartland

Shane Leonard
Shane Leonard is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. (courtesy the artist)
Shane Leonard: special guest on Radio Heartland
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If you're a musician, Shane Leonard is a guy you want on your side. He not only plays drums, guitar, banjo, piano (and other instruments he hasn't mentioned yet), but he writes, sings and produces music, too. Shane has worked with enough Radio Heartland artists to fill a few shelves in our library, like Mipso, The Stray Birds, Rose Cousins and lots more. Plus, he's got his own material from previous records by Kalispell and Field Report, just to name a few.

Shane has a new solo record out now called Strange Forms, and he will be playing some songs live from it Friday, July 19, at the Warming House in Minneapolis, where Shane also asked some friends to join him to play some of their music as well.

Shane Leonard stopped by the studio to chat and to play DJ for bit this week in advance of his show.

Songs Played

Shane Leonard, "Postcard Laundry" - from Strange Forms
Shane Leonard, "Empire Builder" - from Strange Forms
Humbird, "48 Hours" - from Pharmakon
J.E. Sunde, "Love Gone To Seed" - unreleased
Shane Leonard, "Strange Forms" - from Strange Forms

External Link

Shane Leonard - official site

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    Shane Leonard, 'Strange Forms' (courtesy the artist)
  • Kalispell 4
    Shane Leonard performing with Kalispell in the Radio Heartland studio in 2016. (MPR photo/Luke Taylor)
  • Field Report, Shane Leonard
    Shane Leonard performing with Field Report in The Current studio in 2014. (MPR photo / Leah Garaas)