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When the world is getting hectic, people have a tendency to turn inward, but Mary Lucia suggests a different approach. (MPR Video / Mary Mathis)

Hey guys, it's Looch. Now, normally I come to you with some very, very specific either documentary, or book, or event, or something I really want to tell you about. And this week, I'm going to be honest, it was a rough weekend... in the news, in the world.

And I came into work thinking, "What do I do as a rock and roll DJ to contribute or make anything better?" It's a big thing, right? I realize that I'm not changing the world, I'm not doing some things that maybe I would like to be doing, but I also realize the value, the power of music and what it can do. It can truly take you, perhaps, out of a very negative headspace, it can also conversely maybe kick your ass and make you want to get up and do something. It's healing, it connects people, it might just bring you back to a memory that was a nicer, gentler time.

But it started getting me thinking about how all the things that are going on in the world — and in the world we live in with social media — you would like to think that it would engage us together to have conversations and dialogue with people who think differently than us, and we would gain a sense of compassion and empathy and insight into someone else. But more and more, I start realizing we live in a world where a lot of people think that everything should be made for them. And that blows my mind. I love living in a world where everything is not for everyone. It makes it a lot more interesting. And anyone walking around with the expectation that, "Hey, this is all gonna be how I like it and how I think and how I —" you're in for like, a complete sh*t ride, you know? It's like once you accept, "No — I can learn something from someone who really does think different things than me" and I realize how impossible that's almost become on social media so, each day I walk in to do my job and put together four hours of music that I think are gonna touch on everything: emotions, thinking — everything.

So today, selfishly, I just programmed four hours of what would be my soundtrack and you might notice a difference, you might not, but anyway, let's just not expect everyone to be serving you on a silver platter. Somebody else has a need, has some kind of struggle and just to acknowledge it, be kind, use humor, get sleep.

What music has helped you understand another point of view?

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