Watch Steve Earle perform an intimate 7-song set

Veteran folk singer Steve Earle shared an intimate, seven-song concert with a small group of fans at Minneapolis club Icehouse in June. (Nate Ryan, Mary Mathis and Helen Teague | MPR)

Steve Earle payed tribute to his mentor Guy Clarke at an invitation-only concert back in June, 2019. His recent album Guy honors the man who got Earle into the music business.

"I met [Guy] when i was 19 years old, when i got to Nashville, and he kinda showed me around and made people listen to my songs, got me my first publishing deal."

Earle also spoke warmly of The Current ("One of only radio stations that plays my music")nand of Minneapolis.

"This is always been one of my favorite places to play, this city, going back to First Avenue in 1986, which was the first time I played this town. There's a reason for that, it's because this is a community and you decided to take care of it and make it a place that a lot of the rest of the country could learn from. And I've always believed that about this town from the first time I saw it."

Set list

Dublin Blues (Guy Clark)
Red River (Guy Clark)
Now She's Gone
Feel Alright
Copperhead Road


Audio: Michael DeMark
VIdeo: Nate Ryan, Helen Teague, Mary Mathis