Watch Boy Azooga perform 'O Silly Me' at The Current Day Party at Iceland Airwaves

Boy Azooga at Iceland Airwaves
Davey Newington of Boy Azooga performs at The Current Day Party at Iceland Airwaves (MPR Photo | Nate Ryan)

Typically a four-piece, Boy Azooga showed up as a one-man act at The Current Day Party. Armed with a kick-drum, a hi-hat and a guitar, Davey Newington delivered six catchy, jangly rock songs at Iceland Airwaves. We were able to capture and post the brand-new "O Silly Me."

Front-person Newington grew up in a musical family -- his grandfather played drums for the Royal Marines and his parents met playing in the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. Boy Azooga's debut album 1,2 Kung Fu! shows off the bands plethora of influences (which range from the Beach boys to Caribou to Black Sabbath), as well as their penchant for writing catchy hooks and heavy riffs.


Audio: Michael DeMark
Video: Nate Ryan, Sergio Pablos Martinez
Production Manager: Erik Stromstad