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Watch Graveyard Club perform at The Current Day Party at Iceland Airwaves

Graveyard Club at Iceland Airwaves
Graveyard Club at Iceland Airwavescourtesy Clarion Call Media / MPR graphic

November 09, 2019

Minneapolis quartet Graveyard Club share a love of nostalgia — as well as for Ray Bradbury's sci-fi stories and Ryan Gosling's band Dead Man's Bones. Graveyard Club blend the lilting vocals of '50s crooners with '80s synth pop, adding a sunny touch to New Wave's melancholy. In June, the band released their third full-length album, Goodnight Paradise, and visited The Current studio to talk with Andrea Swensson about collaborating with producer Andy Thompson to write personal songs inspired by "weird haunted oldies."


Matthew Schufman: vocals, synths
Michael Wojtalewicz: guitar
Cory Jacobs: drums
Amanda Zimmerman: bass, vocals


Audio: Michael DeMark
Video: Nate Ryan, Sergio Pablos Martinez
Production Manager: Erik Stromstad

Graveyard Club - official site