Celebrating 30 years of music together, Storyhill perform at Radio Heartland

Storyhill perform 'Shapeshifter' from their 2019 album, 'Where To Begin,' live in the Radio Heartland studio at The Current. (Nate Ryan | MPR)
Storyhill perform at Radio Heartland (full session + interview)
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  • Storyhill perform at Radio Heartland (full session + interview) 26:31
  • Storyhill - Shapeshifter (Live at Radio Heartland) 03:20
  • Storyhill - I Am A Lover (Live at Radio Heartland) 04:37
  • Storyhill - Pancho and Lefty (Live at Radio Heartland) 03:05

It's only been a year — almost exactly a year, in fact — since Storyhill last visited our studio. Last time was to celebrate a reunion tour after a brief hiatus as a duo and the release of a new collection of live recordings called Stages. But this year, we couldn't pass up the chance to talk with the band about their 30th anniversary.

"What??" you say? Yup. Three decades ago, Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson started singing together in high school choir. Their friendship and mutual musical interests led them to start performing music together, and the rest is history.

So when Storyhill came into the studio this past week, they were also carrying with them a brand new album titled Where To Begin, a collection of songs written waaaayyyy back when they were first starting to write music together — but these songs hadn't ever been recorded … until now. Chris and Johnny stopped into the studio to sing and to talk about the early days.

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Songs Performed

"I Am A Lover"
"Pancho & Lefty" (an original song by Storyhill)
All songs from Storyhill's 2019 release, Where To Begin.


Chris Cunningham - guitar and vocals
John Hermanson - guitar and vocals

Hosted and produced by Mike Pengra
Engineered by John Miller
VIsuals by Josh Voelker

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Storyhill - official site

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  • Storyhill perform at Radio Heartland It's been four years since Storyhill decided to go on hiatus. Since then, Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson have both released solo projects, but it was difficult to keep them apart. Now, the duo are back with a new live compilation, 'Stages,' and a mini tour. Along the way, Storyhill stopped at Radio Heartland to play some songs and to chat with Mike Pengra.

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    Storyhill are Chris Cunningham and John Hermanson (courtesy the artists)