Taylor James Donskey peels back the layers on 'Paper Over It'

Singer-songwriter Taylor James Donskey
Singer-songwriter Taylor James Donskey (Luke Taylor | MPR)
Interview: Taylor James Donskey
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The first time I met Taylor James Donskey, he was a member (bass and vocals) of a wonderful local trio, The Lowland Lakers, who were in our studio in the summer of 2018. He also accompanied Lena Elizabeth in another studio visit later that fall. He's one of those folks that you don't forget when you meet him. He's super friendly, open, positive, and a lot deeper that I knew.

Taylor also happens to have his own material, as you've been hearing on Radio Heartland since last October. His solo record, Paper Over It, is being celebrated this week with a show at Icehouse in Minneapolis on Thursday, Jan. 16. Taylor stopped in our studio to chat about the release and to spin some tracks from the album.

Featured Songs (from the album)

"Friend, You're Too Far Away"
"By The Cut In The Tree"
All songs from Taylor James Donskey's album, Paper Over It.

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