Music News: Lizzo buys lunch for health care workers


Amidst the coronavirus crisis, musicians are helping workers who've been affected: Lizzo bought lunch for emergency room staff, and Taylor Swift is helping keep a Nashville record store afloat. (MPR Video)

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, musicians are helping workers who've been affected. The Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, the city where Lizzo was born, thanked the artist for buying lunch for buying lunch for the ER staff and sharing a video message of thanks. (Bossip)

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift is funding three months of health coverage for employees at Grimey's New & Preloved Music, a record store in Nashville, in addition to providing financial relief to help the staff weather the crisis. "It's incredibly heartening and totally surreal that Taylor Swift has offered to help us out in such a significant way," says the store's buyer. (Rolling Stone)

Artists moving forward with record releases: Phish and...Fiona Apple?

While many artists are delaying planned record releases until they're able to go out on tour to support the new music, others are moving ahead. Phish are planning to debut their new album, Sigma Oasis, during an online listening party tonight, April 1. The group have been working on the album, their first in four years, since last November. (Billboard)

The music world has been buzzing with the news that Fiona Apple has finished her first album since 2012. No release date has yet been announced for the new album, titled The Bolt Cutters, but Apple is teasing a possible release very soon. (Billboard)

DJs kick it on Instagram like back in the day

As Vice notes, the hottest party on Instagram these days is the account of DJ D-Nice. Some hip-hop heads say the community aspect of livestreamed sets is a throwback to the glory days of the house parties where rap music was invented back in the '70s. "On a Live, we're not able to see if people are actually dancing but these are the moments that make or break us as a DJ," says DJ Miss Milan, who's doing something similar. "We feed off the people, but at the same time we feed the people."

Flavor Flav: Not actually fired

Flavor Flav has not actually been fired from Public Enemy, says Chuck D. The behind-the-scenes story, which involved Flavor Flav's reps sending a cease-and-desist after his image was used without permission at a Bernie Sanders rally where Chuck D was performing, was apparently a ruse to get publicity. In an interview with Talib Kweli, Chuck D said, "Flavor don't know the difference between Bernie Sanders, Barry Sanders or Colonel Sanders." To prove the two aren't really feuding, Flav appears on a new track from Chuck's project Public Enemy Radio. Which is not the same as Public Enemy, but Flav's not mad about it. Are you confused yet? (Billboard)

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