Listen to Looch: TPT's First Avenue documentary is a must-watch


Mary Lucia talks about a documentary from TPT - Twin Cities PBS that celebrates the 50th anniversary of First Avenue. (Luke Taylor; Joseph Gallup | MPR)

We've been celebrating First Avenue's 50 years of being a nightclub — and not just a nightclub, but the best nightclub in the world.

With that in mind, you really must check out TPT Twin Cities PBS's documentary, First Avenue: Closer to the Stars. It's available for streaming now (see below).

It's so informative because you learn so much about the very beginning of it, when it was the Depot, then it was Uncle Sam's and then it was Sam's and then it was First Avenue Danceteria. And you hear from all of the original people involved, like Steve McLellan and Allan Fingerhut and Kevin Cole, and how they yet crafted this club out of their own good taste.

We can't go to First Avenue right now, but you can certainly stream this wonderful documentary that takes you there. It's narrated by P.O.S, aka Stefon Alexander.

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