The Come-Up: Twin Cities Hip-Hop to listen to while quarantined


Hip-Hop artists on the come up, April 14, 2020
Featured artists; top row, L to R: Shanell McCoy, B Dot Croc, Sophia Eris, Keenan the First; middle row, L to R: Kaleem the Dream, Rich Garvey, Juice Lord, Eddy White; bottom row, L to R: Knucky, Dua Saleh, Chuckie Duke, WayoZone. (courtesy the artists)

As we all perfect our social-distance strategies, streaming countless movies and shows on Netflix, I've been thinking about our Twin Cities' Hip-Hop artists and how they've been impacted by COVID-19.

Many of them rely on concerts and tours to live and staying indoors is harming their ability to grow their reputation and make some money. There are several services out there for local artists to check out, but we, as aficionados, can do our part as well.

One of the best ways to help our community is by streaming local Hip-Hop. I've put together some Twin Cities' quarantine tunes that you can bop to as you work hard to maintain your sanity. Enjoy!

Sophia Eris - KDJA

Rich Garvey - BLVNT$

Chuckie Duke - Loverboy EP


Shanell McCoy - I'm Good

Kaleem The Dream - Revenge of the Child

Knucky - Zeal

Keenan the First - I'm Bored

Juice Lord - Polichicken

Eddy White - Sex Ed

B Dot Croc - Phone On Silent

Dua Saleh - manOman

Nado NSE - Roll Up

KAS - 3Am

A Wolf in Shibuya - You Know

Request for your music picks

I'm working on a public playlist for The Come-Up on Spotify. If you're an artist or music aficionado, send me your favorite Hip-Hop projects from the last few years via Twitter (@j_bissoy) or Instagram (@jeffreybissoy). Email works too,

Jeffrey Bissoy is a former assistant producer at MPR News. Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon, raised in The Twin Cities and now based in Mexico City, Jeffrey has grown a passion for representation and identity, Hip-Hop, and the impact of sports on society. He's also the host of the podcast — The Come-Up — which stays current with the NBA when the season is on.

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