Coffee Break: International Workers' Day

assembly line
Ford's use of a moving line reduced a car's assembly time from 12 hours to 93 minutes, but this made the work repetitive for workers like the ones here, who are making flywheels. So Ford paid workers $5 a day, an extraordinary amount at the time. (AP, via NPR)

May 1 is International Workers' Day - a celebration of laborers and the working classes.

Essential workers from Amazon, Whole Foods, Instacart, Target and more are organizing a strike today, saying the companies need to do more to protect frontline workers from the coronavirus. But that's the spirit of the day, isn't it? The ability for workers to fight for what they think is right.

So whether you're working hard today at your job or from home, or looking for work, or navigating the unemployment system, let's put together a set of music this morning for International Workers' Day.

For today's 9:30 Coffee Break, what songs do you want to hear for the working class?

Respond with your song ideas in the comments below.

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Songs played

Kate Bush - This Woman's Work
Dolly Parton - 9 To 5
Elvis Costello - Welcome to the Working Week
Drive-By Truckers - Working This Job
The Clash - Career Opportunities
Loverboy - Working for the Weekend

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