Live Virtual Session: Gully Boys at Sounds Like Home

Gully Boys play a live virtual session as part of The Current's Sounds Like Home festival. (MPR)

Over the weekend of May 15-17, The Current hosted Sounds Like Home: a virtual festival of Minnesota music. You can find all the performances archived on The Current's Facebook page, and we're also sharing the archived sessions one by one on YouTube. Thanks to the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, which allowed us to compensate artists for their performances.

Gully Boys are a trio made up of Kathy Callahan (guitar, vocals), Natalie Klemond (bass, vocals), and Nadirah McGill (drums, vocals). The group formed back in 2016, and had not been playing music long before playing together. They each learned how to play their respective instruments for the band, and, with much determination and enthusiasm, began to play countless shows, from headlining their own residency at the 7th St Entry, to supporting other artists such as Heart Bones and Early Eyes, to touring around the country. They have since been included on bills such as First Avenue's Best New Bands of 2018, and what were supposed to be First Avenue's 50th Anniversary as well as Rock the Garden 2020.

Citing influences such as No Doubt and Hole, Gully Boys have crafted a sound that brings a new life to the nostalgic '90s grunge rock that is irresistible to many. They released their debut album, Not so Brave, which was recorded at the iconic Pachyderm Studio, back in the summer of 2018. In the same year, were named City Pages' number one Picked to Click band. Most recently, they released a new EP, Phony, at the end of 2019.

Songs performed

"New Song No. 2" (Phony, 2019)
"Favorite Son"
"Like Me Now" (Phony, 2019)

Hosted by Jade
Produced by Jesse Wiza
Engineered by Erik Stromstad
Web feature by Sylvia Jennings

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Gully Boys - official site