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Amid accounts of abuse in Minnesota music community, Rhymesayers drops Prof and deM atlaS

Attendees at Soundset 2018, where both Prof and deM atlaS were on the lineup. (Emmet Kowler for MPR)
Attendees at Soundset 2018, where both Prof and deM atlaS were on the lineup. (Emmet Kowler for MPR)

by Jay Gabler

June 25, 2020

Rhymesayers Entertainment has dropped Prof and deM atlaS from its roster as accounts of abuse and manipulation involving members of the Minnesota music community have filled social media in recent days.

In a statement, the hip-hop label wrote that "we were complicit in promoting and marketing music that perpetuates misogyny. Effective immediately we have decided to stop, where we can, the release of [Prof's] upcoming Powderhorn Suites album and end our relationship with Prof and Stophouse Music Group. We have also decided to end our working relationship with Dem Atlas, given recent reports of his behavior."

In a growing chorus of pain and frustration, women and non-binary individuals throughout the Minnesota music scene have been describing a culture of misogyny and abuse. Community members including Lydia Liza, Babyghost, Angel Davanport, Maria Isa, Psalm One, Big Cats, Hard_R, and Medium Zach have been sharing and amplifying accounts, with names being named and details, even (content warning: domestic assault) photographs, being shared.

Calls for accountability and action - including adding consent education to school curricula - are coming amid the continued calls for the dismantling of institutionalized racism that have filled the world in the wake of George Floyd's killing last month by a Minneapolis police officer.

"In the midst of this we’ve numbed ourselves just to keep moving forward," tweeted Sophia Eris. "We’ve been visionaries and have focused & worked on the bigger picture in hopes that this day would come."

MPR News is also covering this story, and has shared a statement from a Minnesota Public Radio spokesperson.

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