Landon Conrath on landing a Spotify hit with 'Acetone'


Landon Conrath
Landon Conrath - Acetone (Artist)

Minnesota musician Landon Conrath has seen his single "Acetone" rack up over 1.2 million plays on Spotify. What's it like to have a hit on music's biggest platform?

I caught up with Conrath today via Instagram live, while he was sitting in the mid-autumn midday light outside his Lauderdale home. "I just had class, actually, earlier this morning," said the Bethel University junior.

Conrath explains that his musical career started in church, before he joined bands like Harbor & Home. "I was always a drummer," he said. "That was always my thing. But I wrote a song last summer. It was called 'Pieces.'" When that song met a positive reception on Spotify, he wrote and recorded a second, "Acetone."

"Spotify has been very good to me," he said. "They have their editorial playlists, so they have curated playlists for different moods." "Acetone" is now on the "Good Vibes" playlist. "There's two and a half million people that follow that playlist."

"It's been so weird not being able to play shows at all," says Conrath about his solo success. "It's weird how Spotify can make this false fame, almost." He's working to build his following on other platforms, but "a lot of people are just shuffling that playlist and they actually never find their way back to my artist profile."

Even so, having a Spotify hit is meaningful, financially and otherwise. "It could cover, like, my rent for two months," he said about the streaming income. "This paid off the mixing and mastering and some more, so that's great."

Tonight, Thursday, Conrath is debuting an acoustic version of "Acetone" on YouTube — and on Oct. 30, he announced for the first time, he'll be releasing a new song that will make, with the three solo songs he's already released, his official debut EP.

Below, watch our entire conversation.

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