Sounds Like Home IV: Virtual performances celebrating Minnesota music


Join an incredible lineup of local musicians and Andrea Swensson from The Current as we meet up on the internet for a virtual festival. (MPR)

Watch Sounds Like Home IV in its entirety, featuring virtual performances from Minnesota musicians, including Monica LaPlante, Miloe, Tina Schlieske, Lupin, Freaque, Ro, Mixtape for the Milky Way, and Muja Messiah.

Day 1

Monica LaPlante
"Don't let fear steer you clear of just feeling alive," sings Monica LaPlante on her 2020 EP Quarantine. Keeping the garage in garage rock, Monica LaPlante's fuzzed riffs and frank lyricism lay bare while they grind into your psyche like a steel-toed boot into wet cement. Find more of Monica's music here.
02:46 Compression
10:44 Already Lost
22:16 The Light Comes From Within (Linda McCartney cover)

Miloe channels a summer breeze into his music so effectively that when winter hits hard, all we have to do is put on our headphones for a respite. The Congolese native moved to Minnesota at age 8, and blends elements of lo-fi bedroom pop with restrained yet bubbly production. Hear hints of Hippo Campus, a few members joined him in the studio for his latest release, Winona. Find Miloe's music and merch here.
31:16 Greenhouse
41:47 Winona
51:36 Everything That Should Go

Tina Schlieske
Tina Schlieske is a true icon of Minnesota music, from her early days fronting the nationally recognized group Tina and the B-Side Movement in the '80s and '90s, to playing in the revered blues-rock band Double Trouble in the early aughts. She's gone on to launch a successful solo career, and today remains a very active member of the Twin Cities music scene -- as well as a pioneering mentor to a new generation of queer artists. Stay up to date with Tina's upcoming shows here.
01:01:59 Losing Again
01:11:45 Barricade
01:24:30 What Would You Pay (Dear Harvey)

Remember Jake Luppen, frontman of Hippo Campus? This year, he went solo for the release of his self-titled debut album! Between Hippo Campus tours in 2018 and 2019, Jake gathered some friends and hit the studio. The resulting record is full of funky vibes and distorted falsetto, and it dropped in October. Find Lupin's debut solo record over on Bandcamp.
01:31:49 KO Kid
01:40:40 Lazy
01:49:34 May

Day 2

Freaque is the project of Gabriel Rodreick, who you may know as the vocalist of seven-piece funk band Treading North. As a solo artist, Roderick supplies eerie folk songs in the same vein as Tom Waits. He delivered Decompose, his debut EP under the Freaque moniker, in the Fall of 2019. Find Freaque's music here.
02:28 Bag Lady
11:58 House Song
21:12 Broken Puppet

Ro is a songwriter, producer, and vocalist in Static Panic, the "disco-licious" band who've been starting dance parties since 2017. This year, she stepped out as a solo artist, contributing to the gorgeous #MeTooMpls compilation album as Ro, her first name. Keep up to date with Ro's work here.
31:55 Malibu (Kim Petras Cover)
39:35 Sides To Lonely
55:20 Nothing Personal feat. DivaJ

Mixtape for the Milky Way
Mixtape for the Milky Way is the new project from singer-songwriter Jeremy Messersmith. And he's not working alone! Messersmith collaborates regularly with John Mark Nelson, and plans to release a new song every week to provide atmospheric inspiration over the course of this uneasy Minnesota winter. Hear more of Mixtape for the Milky Way here.
01:01:07 Heavy
01:12:17 Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You
01:23:15 Video Games

Muja Messiah
Muja Messiah is one of the longest-running rappers in the Twin Cities, having worked with groups like Raw Villa and Villa Rosa. He's known for walking the tightrope between hardcore street anthems, humor-laced party jams, and political manifestos. In June of this year, Muja Messiah continued his flow of timely, incisive music with a solo album called Flowers Blossom On Top of Graves. Find more of Muja's music here.
01:31:09 The President's A Hack
01:41:32 Pin Game
01:54:11 38th and Floyd

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