Listen to Looch: 'Tina' is a story of survival and of a revered career


Mary Lucia talks about 'Tina,' the new documentary about Tina Turner from HBO Documentary Films. (Mary Lucia; Luke Taylor | MPR)

This week's video, Tina, is the documentary about Tina Turner that just debuted on HBO. It is what I would believe Tina Turner hopes to be the punctuation at the end of a very long, brutal, traumatic story, but also of a revered and successful career borne out of survival and sheer desire to be the best.

I don't think Turner tries to pretend that she's come out the other side all shiny and happy. She truly expresses that this was her hand dealt in life, and she is dealing with it the best way she knows how. There's something very tender and heartbreaking about all of this, even though it's the story of survival; of certainly of a revered career.

Tina Turner always wanted to be on the level of the Rolling Stones or anybody else that could fill a stadium — and she did it. This film contains great footage, and there's some real honesty in what Tina Turner says about her life and how she views it. It's simply called Tina; it's co-directed by Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin, and it's streaming on HBO.

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  • HBO Documentary Films' 'Tina'
    HBO's TINA, a feature documentary from Academy Awardr-winning directors Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin. (courtesy HBO)
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    Tina Turner with husband Erwin Bach (Photograph by Courtesy of Paul Cox/HBO)
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    Tina Turner and Ikettes perform for Bolic Sound KMET Broadcast (May 1973) (Rhonda Graam/Courtesy of HBO)
  • Still from 'Tina' documentary
    Tina Turner and Ikettes performing (January 1976) (Photograph by Courtesy of Rhonda Graam/HBO)
  • Still from 'Tina' documentary
    Tina Turner and her children (1967) (Photograph by Courtesy of Rhonda Graam/HBO)