Discover new songs from Spirit of the Beehive, Beach Bunny, Ivers, Rostam and more

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This week's batch of new music brings sounds from Philadelphia, Chicago, Minnesota, New York, the Congo and Australia. Discover these new tracks below.

Spirit of the Beehive, "There's Nothing You Can't Do"

Entertainment, Death, the debut album from Philadelphia band Spirit of the Beehive is coming out April 9. Sludgy screams balance out with found sound samples and 808 beats, shaping a disconcerting sound that grows with each listen on "There's Nothing You Can't Do."

Beach Bunny, "Cloud 9"

The Chicago band, Beach Bunny, make some sunshine powerpop that sounds like it's coming from the West Coast. It's fun, jangly, and sweet. Beach Bunny's debut, Honeymoon, came out last year, and the songs have been slowly catching on ever since.

Ivers, "Better"

A new trio from Minnesota, Ivers — made of friends Henry Hughes, Megan Fritz, and Ivan Mann — recorded their recently released EP remotely during the pandemic. Closet Wine, the debut EP, was influenced by bedroom pop and dreamy atmospherics, with the help of producer (and Hippo Campus drummer) Whistler Allen.

Rostam, "These Kids We Knew"

On his second solo record, Changephobia, Rostam is writing "about who we are capable of becoming if we recognize these fears in ourselves and rise above them." The former Vampire Weekend member has been plenty busy producing records for HAIM and Clairo in the past few years (as well as helping old friends Vampire Weekend with their last album), but while he was traveling the world, he made time to record an album that feels a bit like a daydream.

Jupiter & Okwess, "Na Kozonga"

The seminal Congolese band Jupiter & Okwess have a fascination with travel — not only by touring fairly consistently, but also by creating songs about those travels. Their new album, Na Kozonga, comes from the Lingala word meaning "I'm returning." It's a psychedelic journey with a heavy jam and head-nodding beats.

Hiatus Kaiyote, "Get Sun" (feat. Arthur Verocai)

The result of adding of Brazilian arranger Arthur Verocai to Australian band Hiatus Kaiyote's "Get Sun" is a funk and jazz explosion. We'll have to wait until June 25 for the full album, Mood Valiant, but this first taste is like a surprise hot and sticky day in stormy spring.