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Watch performances from day two of Sounds Like Home VIII. (MPR Video)

Sounds Like Home is The Current's virtual music festival spotlighting Minnesota musicians. For this eighth installment of this virtual fest, we're featuring a two-day lineup of artists from greater Minnesota.


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Saturday Lineup

JayGee is the musical moniker of Jaxon Gardner, a hip-hop artist originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who has since relocated to Duluth, Minnesota. Gardner began his music career at an especially early age, writing music as young as 9 years old, and learning production when he was only 11. He has since released several singles that spread life lessons and messages of hopefulness and community, his most recent being 2020's "Can't Blame It."

The Ultrasounds are a sludgy garage-pop band based out of Winona, Minnesota, that was started by vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter Megan Hanson and is rounded out by her husband Todd Hanson on guitar and backing vocals, Courtney Guenver on bass, and Amber Fletcher on drums. Together, the band create a powerful sound wall that contrasts Hanson's soft and melodic vocal lines.

Jessica Vines is a genre-bending artist based out of Fargo, North Dakota, who takes influence from soul, jazz, funk and pop music. After earning a Jazz Studies degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato, Vines was inspired to create music that provided people with both something to dance to and a way to escape. She's since released her debut album Moving Too Fast, which came out in early 2020.

Guytano is made up of brothers Grant and Eddie Hamilton, along with Isaac Hesse and Colter Benoit. The group met in 2010 at middle school in Sartell, Minnesota. They began by covering punk songs, but over many years, found their synth-based, pop-rock sound. They released their debut album I Am Inside My Body in 2016, and even had their music featured on multiple TV networks, such as Discovery Channel, NASCAR, and MTV.

Corey Medina & Brothers are a blues-rock band from Bemidji, Minnesota. Band leader, Corey Medina, was born and raised in Shiprock, New Mexico, in the Navajo Tribal Nation and moved to Minnesota in 2012. He released various solo albums before forming a band with Eric Sundeen on drums and Gary Broste on bass. The group released their debut album Better Days in 2019, hoping to send a message that spreads light to the dark and hope to the hopeless.

Sunday Lineup

Fires of Denmark is the musical project of Michael Terrill, who is based in Rochester, Minnesota. Terrill has been playing, recording, and composing music for the last 18 years, and started making music under the Fires of Denmark moniker in 2010 as an attempt to create quiet dance music. It has since evolved into a genre bending dream-pop project, in which he loops vintage synths to create unique and expansive soundscapes.

Jae Havoc is a hip-hop artist from Rochester, Minnesota, who takes influences from a wide range of genres, including soul, dubstep, punk, metal, and anything else he can incorporate that could translate well into what he does. The subject matter of his music blends his wit with various literary and pop-culture references and is accompanied by expansive production. His most recent work is the Everyday Infinite EP, which was released back in 2019.

The Slamming Doors are a folk-rock band led by frontman Adam Herman, who was born and raised in a small river town in western Illinois. Herman cites his hometown as providing strong roots for his songwriting, but he has since relocated to Duluth, Minnesota, where he formed a band who have shared the stage with acts such as Trampled By Turtles. The Slamming Doors have had several releases since 2015, the most recent being February 2021's Brown Bears: Volume 2.

Good Night Gold Dust are an indie-pop quartet from Mankato, Minnesota, made up of Aura Schultz and Colin Schard on vocals and guitar, Michelle Roche on drums, and Zachary Arney on synthesizers. The group strive to keep their local community connected, and they write music that explores ideas of isolation, loss and recovery. They are coming off the release of their latest single "What a Time," released in January 2021.

Rich Mattson and the Northstars was started in 2014 by Rich Mattson and his partner Germain Gemberling. Rich Mattson had been involved with projects such Ol' Yeller, The Glenrustles, and Tired Eyes prior to starting the Northstars, which is rounded out by drummer Keely Lane and bassist Kyle Westrick. The group began as a self-described cosmic-folk band, but have fallen back into their rock and roll roots, which they do best. They released their fifth full-length album, Skylights, in February 2021.

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